Important Information - COVID


Important information

We would like to give all our Participants and staff reassurance during this difficult time as the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) increases.

We continue to follow Government advice and receive the updated information.  Wherever possible we want to enable the continuation of our services.

  • All of our staff have guidelines on how to recognize symptoms of COVID-19, and how to maintain robust infection control practices. Should any staff experience symptoms, they have been told to remain isolated at home. We continue to monitor for any updates and regularly inform our workforce accordingly. Our management team is frequently in touch with the staff and available for additional support and advice at this time 24 hours a day. We have a COVID-19 contingency plan in place which means we are prepared for Pandemic time too
  • We are supplying staff with PPE according to guidance around the use of this in order to ensure we are protecting peoples safety
  • We have the facilities to work remotely. This allows our office team to work from home and answer calls remotely, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted service.
  • Training needs are also being met remotely. We are able to conduct individual client-specific care training via Zoom.
  • We also have the resources to electronically update and amend Health care plans, risk assessments, and medication records according to change in need.
  • Interviews are being held remotely and that allows us a swifter recruitment process to recruit for backfill due to sickness.
  • The team is able to distribute PPE safely by either delivering to the client’s address or carrying out a safe handover at our office base where one member of staff will enter at any one time and leave the PPE in a planned location for community staff to collect.
  • The Care team has been issued with ID and formal information to show authorities they are an official Key Worker traveling to and from work.