Community Participation

Why Community Participation is important?

Here at 111CARE, we recognize the importance of community participation in NDIS services, as it helps to bring a greater sense of independence and inclusion to the individuals for that we provide care. As the NDIS states, it’s important to address the lower levels of community participation amongst people with disability, as it can lead to improved well-being and lessen the amount of long-term care and costs associated with it. Our community disability services focus on you – your goals and interests. Social and recreational activities are part of life. These can help the participant to meet new people and improve their social skills. These activities can include things such as:
  • Playing sports such as table tennis, surfing, basketball, and football.
  • Hobbies such as bike riding, dance classes, and swimming.
  • Going shopping or visiting public places
  • Yoga, exercises, meditation.
  • New skills, dance classes, art and painting, cooking classes
  • Group and Center-based activities
  • Community Participation Activities

    This support may include art classes, attending camps, and vacation activities that have capacity-building components. The support includes assistance to establish volunteer arrangements in the community, mentoring, peer support, and individual skill development. A limited number of lessons enable a participant to try out an activity and test their capability and interest in further pursuing this activity – such as horse riding, art, dance, or singing classes. Attendance at a “camp” or group builds a participant’s relationship skills and offers a range of activities and opportunities to explore wider interests. Other items or adjustments such as customised tools required because of the participant’s disability

    Innovative community Participation

    111Care staff will help you to attend the new and innovative community participation activities. These activities will help you to build your capacity and confidence to attend to the community. You can also use these funds for a disability support worker to support your travel to and attend activities. Innovative Community Participation services may include the following:
  • Workshops on finding suitable employment
  • Mentoring to overcome challenges and continue your job
  • Assistance and support for setting up your own small business
  • Classes to learn new skills or improve existing ones
  • Participation in free community events
  • How 111CARE can help you?

    Our support workers are dedicated and experienced, you will be paired with someone you feel comfortable and safe being around. Our support worker will be able to connect you with local organizations so that you can participate in a variety of activities that you are interested in. We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to step out of your zone and may find it difficult to take part in events or recreation activities. Our experienced support staff will make the process simple and streamlined and create a safe environment for you to enter. If you have been struggling with joining in because you are physically unable to do so, our support workers will make sure that they take the necessary equipment or transport to make it easier and accessible for you. You Can also have access to:
  • Training and Education
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Social Support
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Preparation for Employment
  • Transport, Assisted Travel, and Travel Aids
  • Activities of your choice