What does respite care cover?

All basic expenses in a 24-hour period related to providing the service including:

  • Short-term accommodation in a suitable facility
  • Assistance with self-care or community access activities
  • Overnight support
  • Food
  • Negotiated activities.

What is respite care or Carer’s Break?

Respite care allows for both a person with a disability and their carer to have a break or a change of scenery. It is the alternative care that is put in place while a usual care giver is unavailable.

Respite can be provided through:

  • Informal care from friends or family (not funded by the NDIS)
  • Formal care through paid in home services or centre-based services (may be funded by the NDIS)
  • Supports such as joining a new community group (may be funded by the NDIS)
  • Temporary periods of extra personal supports so the person can remain at home when families and/or carers are not available (may be funded by the NDIS).